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    Welcome to NYC Demolition Contractors Co, our team of talented and trained demolition experts is equipped and ready to assist with your demolition and excavation needs. No project is too big or too small, with access to only the best tools and equipment and years of experience and knowledge your demolition or excavation project will be done smoothly and seamlessly. Have a look around and read more information on the services that we offer. If there is anything you cannot find, then do not hesitate to give us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff members.

    About Us

    NYC Demolition Contractors Co is just a bunch of experts who loved their excavation and construction toys so much when we were kids that we exchanged them for the real deal later in life. With years of experience and some of the best members of the demolition world on our team, we take on the NYC home, business, or property owners' demolition needs big or small, with ease. Our team is trained continuously to ensure we are, up to date and always have the most recent knowledge and equipment within our access. Our affordable pricing and speedy service ensure we provide you with an affordable, yet seamless and safe demolition or excavation need.


    Demolition is a highly specialized field. Without the proper knowledge and understanding of the industry, you could pose serious health and safety risks. Each demolition project needs is required to be assessed by a professional. The professional will inspect the project to determine the best method of removal. Factors such as type of demolition, surrounding structures, and area are all vital in this decision. Our services include the demolition of the interior or exterior of a building to land grading and excavation, our team of experts has your contractor needs to be covered. Contact us to find out more about the services that we offer.

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    Interior Demolition Contractors

    Interior demolition refers to the process of removal of portions or sections of the interior of a property. The demolition is executed without affecting the external structure. Interior demolition is completed in the event of remodeling or additions and changes inside of the building. Items that are considered part of the interior demolition can include the removal of flooring, ceilings, or walls. While the process sounds straightforward, extra precaution is needed to ensure no damage to the external structure is done.

    building being destroyed by the excavator

    Exterior Demolition Contractors

    The demolition of a building is a highly specialized field, it often requires a lot of planning and pre-approvals to ensure it is carried out safely and smoothly. Due to the scope of the project, you must choose a contractor that you can trust. Partial to complete demolition, our team can handle it all big or small. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment and the best materials to ensure your demolition, is executed with ease.

    “We started a complete landscape re-design in our new home, to do this however we needed the land to be smooth and assist with water drainage. Our landscape was filled with bumps and hills and needed a serious amount of work. NYC Demolition Contractor Co sent a team of contractors who were able to quickly and affordable flatten our yard while creating a slope of proper water drainage. Thank you to your team for such professional service” – Sarah A

    Excavation Contractors

    Excavation refers to the process of removing earth and debris from one section to another. While this explanation is simple it is a lot more than just hauling dirt around. The purpose of the excavation is to prepare the ground for construction. Some would argue it is one of the most vital steps in a construction process as it can set a foundation that is strong and sturdy.

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    Land Grading Contractors

    Land grading is a vital step in any construction process. Whether the land grading is required for a landscape remodel or to prepare the ground for building, it is vital in the success of the construction. If your land is filled with bumps and hills, it can not only be difficult to begin the construction process, but the foundation will settle with the land and cause a foundation that is prone to breaking or shifting. Over and above the preparation for construction land grading allows for the land to be sloped and ensure water drainage is directed away from the property to avoid damage to the foundation.

    bulldozer in the field

    “My factory is growing at a rapid rate, and I needed to expand the building to increase the size, this required a partial demolition to make space for more building to be added. The team of contractors at NYC Demolition Contractor Co was able to assist me quickly and within my budget. I had a few concerns that were addressed immediately, and my demolition project was done quickly and smoothly” – Luis L

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    Residential Demolition Contractors

    Residential demolition is among the most difficult of demolition projects. The reason residential demolition has so many risks is due to the proximity a residential home is to other properties and people. During the demolition process, factors such as noise pollution and damage to other structures are the number one consideration to keep in mind.

    excavator scraping the debris

    Industrial & Commercial Demolition Contractors

    Industrial and commercial properties refer to a building that is most commonly used for business purposes or manufacturing and processing plants. These types of properties are commonly a lot larger than other properties and further out away from city centers and areas. This distance and size of the property allow for the demolition to be done without causing concern or risk for surrounding structures.

    “I buy homes or land for a living and try to flip them and sell them for a profit. Part of my portfolio is now buying dilapidated homes or properties and removing the building to rebuild something I can sell or move into. The team at NYC Demolition Contractor Co is always my first choice. When I am looking for any demolition or excavation service with them, I know I will get the job done. Not only the affordable pricing they offer but the service is out of this world and makes any construction project feel like a breeze” – Danielle A

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    For your one-stop-shop of demolition, excavation, and land grading needs NYC Demolition Contractors is the place to be. Our team of contractors will ensure that from the assessment to execution and the post-construction project will be done seamlessly and leave you stress-free. We ensure that all safety measures are of the highest importance, so each project is executed safely. For more information, please contact our offices and arrange for one of our team members to meet you to discuss your project needs.