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Interior Demolition Contractors

worker drilling the wall

Demolition as a service is the process of safe and controlled removal of either an entire structure or parts of it. Demolition can be done externally and to many homeowners’ surprise internally too. If you are a homeowner, and you are looking into a remodel of your home and have a lot to remove in areas or structures within your home without damaging external structures, you have come to the right place. Our team of talented contractors is trained continuously to ensure we provide a safe and seamless process. Contact us to find out more about our pricing and the services we offer.


What is Interior Demolition?

Unlike the most common form of demolition, which is the act of bringing down an entire structure, interior demolition, includes demolishing spaces within an overall structure. This is done for a renovation and can include the removal of Ceilings, tiles or boards, walls, and floors. This type of demolition requires careful planning and consideration to ensure that no damage is done to the external structure of the building to ensure nothing is compromised now and in the future.



We live in a world where taking care of our planet is now more important than ever. Environmental awareness and sustainable practice are an absolute must at NYC Demolition Contractors. We ensure that we dispose of debris and materials created during the demolition process in the most environmentally friendly way. We can guarantee to always leave our work areas clean and neat after a job is complete, and you will not have to worry about the environmental impacts. NYC Demolition Contractors are dedicated to not only providing a safe and seamless service but reducing our impact on the environment too.


Leave it to the professionals! 

Demolition is a complex process and, if not executed by a qualified and licensed contractor, it could end in injury or accidents. A trained and qualified demolition company will ensure proper planning is done before the demolition project to ensure all safety considerations have been thought of. Things like noise and air pollution are calculated and regulated depending on the surrounding areas. Our contractors are fully licensed and insured by the relevant authorities to ensure all regulations and protocols are followed. During the demolition process, no repercussions can land on your head and the job can be done with peace of mind.


Reasons behind interior demolition

Interior demolition is most commonly sought after, amongst homeowners who are planning a remodel of their property. Properties we can provide interior demolition services to include Commercial, residential, and industrial. Although, it is most common amongst residential homeowners. There can be a variety of reasons behind an interior demolition, the most common include; renovation of a structure that can be demolished internally to renovate or remodel. This could include extending space or room or changing components such as flooring or ceilings. A change of purpose is when a building is no longer being used for what it was built for and an interior demolition may be required to complete this task.

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