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Residential Demolition Contractors

excavator destroying the building

Whether for complete demolition or partial demolition for a remodeling project it is vital to choose a contractor you trust. NYC Demolition Contractor Co is proud of the quality service we provide to customers. It is this service that ensures from planning to execution, you can have peace of mind that the job will be completed, in a seamless, smooth, and safe manner. Our affordable pricing and highly qualified team provide the best service that will not bankrupt you. Contact us for more information on the services we offer and our affordable pricing.



Demolition can sound like fun, especially if you are the one getting to smash something. While we may think it looks like fun. Demolition is serious with a lot of environmental consequences to keep in mind. The demolition of any building creates the opportunity for a variety of serious safety issues. Residential demolition, however, has a few more considerations to think of due to the proximity it commonly is to other structures and people. Older homes may be built with dangerous materials such as lead and asbestos. The materials used in the construction should be inspected and removed before the project starts to ensure no health risks. Dust and debris control needs to be watched more closely with residential demolition due to the number of structures that commonly surround a home. Dust and debris control is essential in protecting the environment.


Professional or DIY?

We live in a world that has been taken over by a team of DIYers. While we agree learning a new skill is vital, some tasks should be left to the trained and professional team of contractors at NYC Demolition Contractors Co. Demolition may look like fun and as easy as smashing a hammer or wrecking ball to a wall but there is a lot of safety, environment and economic considerations required. Any demolition project big or small should be completed by a trained team of contractors with the qualifications and tools to do so.



As with any project in construction or any job involving big power tools and machinery, safety should always be of top priority. The correct PPE is necessary for ensuring the safety of all those working on and around the demolition site. PPE such as safety glasses, hard hats, work boots, and gloves are all vital in ensuring the safety of our contractors. If the area has a lot of dust or dirt then proper and correct breathing equipment is provided to ensure no harm or injury can be caused as a result of poor safety precautions.



Most if not all construction-related projects require some form of permission or permit to complete. Before beginning a demolition, project these permits and permissions need to be attained to complete the project with care and consideration. Without the correct permits and paperwork, you could receive a fine and have your demolition project shut down until the correct documentation can be shown. A contractor that can provide and attain this documentation for you before the project starts is vital.

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