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About Our Business

excavator in the stone

New York City is home to a wonderful mix of architectural marvels; some new and some as old as the city itself. For this reason, a lot of new construction does not occur on vacant land, but rather on land that has already been built on. Because of this, new construction must be done either under, on top of, next to, or in replacement of existing infrastructure. It’s incredibly important that this work is done by someone with a love for our world-class city, who wants to preserve its architectural wonders as best as can be, while also improving on the aesthetic beauty the city boasts. Many people think of “demolition” work as destructive, or exclusively reserved for tearing things down. This could not be further from the truth!

Each project that we undertake, from small-scale residential demolition to large-scale industrial demolition is carefully planned to safeguard both the property itself (wherever possible), as well as surrounding buildings and environments. This is done so that our work is only conducted in service of our city! Further to this, we strive to improve the lives and health of those that share our wonderful home. Our services, such as asbestos removal or land grading ensure this safety is delivered – again, to the betterment of NYC. If you are on the hunt for a company that not only cares for its clients but also the city in which it operates, then you should call NYC Demolition Contractor Co today!

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