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Industrial & Commercial Demolition Contractors

excavator in the building debris

As one of the leading demolition contractors in NYC and surrounding areas, we pride ourselves in our ability to take on any demolition project, nothing is too big or small for our team of talented demolition contractors. Our demolition contractors use only the best tools and equipment to ensure that the service we provide is of the highest quality and done in a timeous and safe manner.


Industrial VS commercial demolition

You might want to assume that demolition follows the same process regardless of the building. This is simply not true; each type of building hosts a whole new list of factors and considerations to investigate. Commercial demolition typically involves the removal of a larger building that is used for work and business purposes, while Industrial demolition refers to more factories and manufacturing plants that are further away from close or surrounding structures. Industrial properties are generally closer to other properties, and more safety considerations are required.


Reasons for a commercial or industrial demolition

As with any building, there are many reasons why one might need a part of the entire commercial or industrial building demolished. The most common reasons for this are due to the building not being safe to be inhabited. A building riddled with rot or a weak structure may pose a safety concern for those inside and the surrounding structures or to partially demolish a part of the structure to add a building on or remodeling purposes.


Types of demolition

There are many ways one can go about when deciding on demolition for a building. To decide on the best method of demolition, we need to consider a few factors. Considerations such as why the building needs to be removed? Is there a potential risk or damage? What material is the building? What are the surrounding areas? Generally commercial and industrial buildings will be far out and may require less concern for surrounding buildings and the repercussions. Types of demolition include Total demolition, which is a complete removal of a building. Selective demolition is where only selected areas of the building are removed. Interior demolition is where only sections of the inside of a building is demolished while the actual building and surrounding structures are protected from damage.


Why is choosing the right demolition contractors so important?

Building demolition is one of the biggest and riskiest tasks to complete in the construction industry. The process needs to be carried out perfectly and seamlessly after hours of planning to ensure that no unintended damage is caused. With the scale of demolitions, many regulations need to be followed, as well as health and safety concerns and laws that are required to abide by. Demolition is not a simple blast or bulldozing of a building like one might think. Before the process can begin, some factors need to be considered. Site pre-demolition planning is one of the most vital steps in the process and will require things like water damage or foundation collapse into consideration. Before the demolition, the land will need to be surveyed to provide a professional understanding of the building and what extra care needs to be taken. All these steps require extensive knowledge and planning to execute safely and properly.

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